Beneath the Mask: Zimmerman sitting in the darkness of his

The Doctor receives word that his creator, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, is in need of critical medical treatment and transmits himself to the Alpha Quadrant to take care of him. Of course, the whole thing was caused by Barclay, but he and Troi neglected to tell the Doctor about it until the end. Beneath the Mask: Zimmerman sitting in the darkness of his quarters, dictating his last will and testament. He admits that Reg Barclay is the only person who truly appreciates his work, and the only friends he has are Barclay and his own holographic creations. Catch Phrase: Zimmerman tries to change the Doctor’s “Please state the nature of the medical emergency” to something more friendly. He’s not amused. Character Overlap: Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation makes an appearance in this episode. coque huawei pas cher Chewing the Scenery: Robert Picardo rolls up his sleeves, tucks in his bib, and has the hot lemon scented towels on standby in this episode, and no mistake. Comfort Food: Chocolate ice cream for Deanna, when her initial efforts prove to be a failure. Commonality Connection: Deanna tries to get both doctors to see each others’ position. coque huawei pas cher It doesn’t work. She then decides to force the issue. Continuity Nod: Dr. Zimmerman mentions that he hasn’t left Jupiter Station in four years, which coincides with his trip to Deep Space Nine. Double Vision: Robert Picardo as both the Doctor and Lewis Zimmerman. Do Holograms Dream Dr. Jerk: Times two. Fire Forged Friends: Janeway is disturbed when Admiral Hayes makes a ‘casual’ inquiry about their Maquis crewmembers. After all they’re one big happy crew now. Chakotay agrees to help write a joint response. Forehead of DoomDoctor: What were your initial symptoms?

Karmic Transformation Killed Off for Real: Zander and Lieutenant Razak Kill It with Fire: Hand flamers appear here; also the Arachnid Tanker Bugs and firefries. Coque pour Huawei Lady of War: Carmen. coque iphone outlet store Land Mine Goes “Click!” Last Name Basis: Brutto is known by his last name only for the most part because he considers Francis to be an Embarrassing First Name. Latex Space Suit: For the pilots and civilians, at least, while the Troopers’ suits were heavier and armored, but still more flexible and less bulky than real spacesuits. Laughing Mad: Zander, during the initial stages of his infection. Coque huawei Left Hanging LEGO Genetics Literal Cliffhanger Living Ship: The Transport Bugs (which have Faster Than Light Travel) and the asteroid sized Ice Bug, which does not, and consequently spends thousands to millions of years hibernating in deep space between stars. The Lost Woods: Planet Tesca Love Redeems: Zander has been transformed into a human/Bug hybrid and is spearheading a new plan that might spell doom for the human invasion of Klendathu, but Dizzy managed to break through his new intentions by reminding him of their time together and asking him to join her, and humanity as a whole, again. Love Triangle: Dizzy loves Rico, Rico loves Carmen, Carmen does not love anybody. Eventually each character pursues other relationships when they realize that the current dynamics will not change. Of course, that is when the dynamic does change. Lowered Monster Difficulty: Hoppers. When they are introduced on Replica Valentino Handbags Pluto they are immune to pulse rifle rounds, requiring grenades or rockets. By the Tesca Nemerosa campaign, pulse rifles kill them with ease.

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