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Grip the club comfortably so your hands and arms can be

In Transformers Animated, of all places, The Tick gets one. Sentinel Prime is voiced by Townsend Coleman, resembles the Tick (he's large, blue and has a lantern jaw and antennae) and even speaks like the Tick at times. The biggest difference being that Sentinel is a Jerkass instead of a Cloudcuckool

It is MY responsibility to treat my children with dignity and

Chekhov's Gun: Literal, with a side of irony. Meursault takes Raymond's pistol away from him so that Raymond won't shoot the Arab. Chewbacca Defense: Mersault is convicted not so much for shooting an Arab as for not loving his mother enough and being an atheist. However, the meaning is reversed. In

SaberLeomon is the first Digimon in this series to die

However, Kurata figures out a way to corrupt a Digimon's data so that it can never be revived. SaberLeomon is the first Digimon in this series to die permanently. Also, BanchoLeomon turns out to be holding the spirit of the lead character's father. But at the same time, predicting that the Allies wi

The Baker Street Dozen is the Fan Nickname for the twelve

Ravenhurst yells at him that he will die for that, to which Brockhurst replies, "One of us will!", before engaging in a brief sword fight. Ravenhurst later conspires to have Brockhurst, Finsdale and Pertwee killed off to prevent the alliance from going ahead. The "Outfox The Fox" number at the start

Let’s Get Dangerous!: At first the F 14s just fly circles

Chaotic Good: Kara, In Universe. Song dragons are relatives of metallic dragons and nearly always CG. Chaotic Neutral: Dorn, In Universe. Next morning, Chiyo approaches Kurosawa to ask for clarification about last night. The same music cuts again just as Chiyo gets to what was said, while we are sho

Decapitation Presentation: Bulgarin severs his business ties

Unwinnable by Mistake: The game can be rendered unwinnable if you give the Sorcerer's Ring to someone who leaves the party and can't be regained until a certain amount of progress has been made in story. Or a character that dies. It's generally recommended to equip it to Stahn just to save yourself

Irregular time signatures are those that are not evenly divided

Your legal and HR teams should be able to articulate the liability to the company and the responsibilities of the employee as it relates to social media. Whether B2B or B2C, a solid social business approach can help you find new opportunities to attract and retain customers globally and increase the

A couple of minutes later, he grabs an ax from another

That being said, some of these monsters (called awakened beings in universe) particularly if they're powerful or important enough retain much or most of their knowledge, up to even trying to maintain friendly relationships with their loved ones in some cases (though this only seems to work out when

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